Dental care is essential to overall health. While most people consider dental care to involve teeth cleaning and filling, it entails many more things.

This article will explore what is considered major dental care and give you a snapshot of some of the more popular services. Continue reading!

Major Dental Care Procedures:

Dental Crown

A dental crown is the most common type of dental care procedure. This involves placing a temporary crown over the extracted tooth on top of the surrounding gum tissue. The crown will protect the tooth from further damage and will last for about two to four weeks before replacing it with a new one. Crowns are usually not painful and can be removed by your dentist if you decide you no longer want them.

Root Canal

A root canal treatment involves removing the root of the tooth, which is usually in bad condition due to disease or decay. If the tooth is not removed immediately, it can become infected.

Root canals are usually very painless and take around an hour to complete. However, they can occasionally require general anesthesia, which can make you feel quite sleepy afterward.

Dental Filling

The dental filling is a major dental care procedure that can be used to repair many dental issues. The filling can be used to fix teeth that have been cracked, chipped, or broken. The filling can also be used to replace missing teeth and correct dental issues that cannot be repaired with other treatments.

It can be done differently depending on the issue that needs to be fixed. For example, the filling can be used to fix teeth that have been cracked or broken. In these cases, the tooth is removed and replaced with material placed into the crack or break. This will help fix the tooth and prevent further damage.

The filling can also serve as a tooth replacement. In this situation, a dentist will mold the missing tooth, which will be utilized to make a replacement tooth. A particular device known as an implant will be used to fix this new tooth. This implant will secure the new tooth, which will also permit future dental growth. Additionally, it can solve problems that other therapies cannot solve. Fillings, for instance, can fix issues with crooked teeth or teeth that don’t fit properly in the mouth.

How Much Does Major Dental Care Cost?

The cost can vary depending on the severity of the condition and the type of treatment required. In general, major dental care can cost between $1,000 and $10,000 per procedure.

Managing Your Oral Health with Robert H. Thornton in Tupelo MS

Robert H. Thornton in Tupelo MS specializes in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services. When it comes to oral health, we offer the following categories of dental care:

Cleanings and checkups

These procedures help remove plaque, bacteria, and calculus buildup from teeth.


Dental X-rays can provide an accurate view of a person’s dental structure. This information is used to make decisions about treatment.


Excessive tooth decay or other problems may require tooth removal.

Composite Fillings

A composite material is placed into a tooth to replace the missing tooth structure or to correct a damaged enamel surface.

A Final Word

Major dental care involves more complex and intensive procedures than regular dental care. Individuals need to visit a dentist regularly to ensure the health of their teeth and gums and to address any major dental issues before they become too severe. By taking proper care of their teeth and gums, individuals can prevent the need for major dental care and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.


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