Your teeth are one of the most important parts of your body that have a deep impact on your personality. To have a good overall personality a perfect smile is necessary. And you cannot smile perfectly and confidently unless you have perfectly aligned, clean teeth. However, not everyone is blessed with perfectly aligned white teeth. Similarly, some may have a missing or broken tooth. Most of the problems can be solved via cosmetic dental treatment.

However, these treatments do not help whiten your teeth. To retain the whitening of your teeth you need to visit a teeth whitening dentist. The treatment is not so simple. You cannot just go and get this treatment to improve your smile and confidence. There are plenty of facts and myths related to this treatment.

Amazing Facts About Teeth Whitening

You must know some facts associated with the teeth whitening process. Knowing these facts help you dispel many myths that you have been considering right over the past few years. Furthermore, It eases your mind and you can make your decision related to teeth whitening treatment. Let’s proceed forward and check out the most interesting facts about it.

Your Teeth Are Not Actually White 

The first fact must be very surprising for you as you have just realized that the teeth you are trying to get white are not white in reality.  Their outer color is light yellow. However, it appears bright white due to the dark yellow color of the inside teeth and a shining covering of enamel.

White Teeth Aren’t a Guarantee of Healthy Teeth

Many people may think that shining white teeth are perfectly healthy. However, as white is not the natural color of your teeth, it does not guarantee any good oral health. Usually, the color of perfectly healthy teeth is light grey.

Teeth Color is Age-Dependent

It does not matter how often you clean your brush with the help of brushing and flossing, you can never stop them from aging. Age has a deep impact on your teeth and you can never beat the time.

As you grow old, teeth’ color starts changing. They fail to retain their white color. Therefore, you have to use dental whitening products more frequently after the age of 40 or 45 years to keep your teeth clean.


Is opting for teeth whitening safe for my teeth? Can I get any serious issues after dental whitening? You too must have several such types of questions in your mind. The answer is very straightforward. Teeth whitening treatment has no direct impact on your teeth or gums. So it is almost safe to opt for a teeth whitening treatment.

Impact of Eating Habits

What you eat throughout the day leaves a deep impact on your teeth and their white surface. Drinking dark-colored drinks and eating sticky foods may cause your teeth to be stained or get yellow. However, you can have yellow teeth solution by opting for teeth whitening.

Not all Types of Teeth Can be Whitened

Usually, it is said that almost all types of teeth including artificial ones can be cleaned and whitened. However, some specific types of cosmetic or artificial teeth can never be whitened using any tip or trick.

Veneers, crowns, and fillings can never be whitened as most dental whitening products have to perform the function of removing stains or yellow color from the enamel layer. But veneers and fillings don’t have any enamel so cannot be whitened using ordinary methods.

Teeth Whitening and Cleaning

Teeth whitening results are way different as compared to teeth cleaning. So those who are thinking these two things need to update their knowledge. Teeth whitening is all about using different products to whiten your teeth.

On the other hand, teeth cleaning is all about the removal of entrapped particles, plaque, and tartar removal, and examining your teeth.

Braces and Teeth Whitening

The combo of braces and teeth whitening can never go well. Whitening your teeth with your braces is not a good idea. Braces partially cover your teeth, so they cannot get whitened properly.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is probably the most expensive teeth yellowing solution in this world. Laser rays are used to remove stains and the yellow color of your teeth. However, it may have abrasive impacts on the enamel layer.

Teeth Whitening Doesn’t Last Forever

How long does teeth whitening last? This is the first question to rise in your mind when planning for teeth whitening. It doesn’t last forever. Its actual life depends upon aftercare.

Bottom Line

In all, there are a lot of pros of teeth whitening like a perfect smile, overall improved personality, self-confidence, etc. You can use several home remedies such as baking soda, coconut oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc. to whiten your teeth. For further assistance, reach out to us. We have professional and experienced dentists waiting to serve you.


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