What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry, simply called dental sedation, is a process in which anesthetic drugs are given to the patient to relax their whole body. Apart from anesthesia, some other biochemical drugs can also be used to achieve the same results. The main aim of dental sedation is to calm the patient’s body before and during the treatment. It will make patients immune to pain or other physical sensations. This way dentists face no hurdles during treatment.

However, it doesn’t mean sedation dentistry is performed prior to all types of dental treatments. Dental or oral sedation is performed only before some specific dental treatments.

The following are some common dental procedures that require sedation dentistry:

Apart from the aforementioned, dental sedation is also required in case of any dental emergency procedure that involves oral surgery such as emergency tooth removal or replacement.

The Benefits:

Now that you know what is sedation dentistry, let’s proceed further and understand its benefits.

Reduced Anxiety

It is normal for patients to have anxiety before any dental treatment. When dental sedation is performed, your muscles and the whole body relaxes. Your brain does not let you feel anything like pain, nervousness, etc. This helps in reducing your anxiety.

Plenty of Option

There are plenty of dental sedation options. From the use of laughing gas to IV sedation, there are various options that your dentist can opt for sedation dentistry.

Lower the Discomfort

It is also common for patients to feel discomfort during any type of dental treatment. They may show this discomfort through some involuntary movements of their feet and legs. However, with dental sedation, the patient will relax and discomfort will be lowered. This will make it easy for dentists to carry out the treatment.


It is totally safe to go with dental sedation. You will regain consciousness within a few hours. The dentist that will put you to sleep by using the dental sedation process will be highly experienced and have enough skills to handle you during this dentistry.

Process of Dental Sedation

Most people still have some confusion and hesitate to opt for dental sedation when it’s required for treatment. However, knowing the procedure of sedation dentistry will help you understand how safe and easy the process is.


The first step is preparing patients for this dentistry. For this purpose, the doctor will advise you on a few things. Firstly, you will be asked to wear loose clothes. Then you will be asked to eat nothing for 6 to 8 hours before the procedure. This is to prevent the chances of vomiting during dental sedation. Your medical history will be checked to find out if it will be suitable to perform dental dentistry on you.

Selecting the Type of Sedation Dentistry

The dentist will pick any one of the three types of dental sedation for you. These categories involve the use of different types of anesthesia for dental work. These types are:

Laughing Gas:

It involves the use of nitrous oxide to relax your nervous system. You just have to inhale the gas or liquid form of it and the job will be done.

Oral Sedation

In this case, you will be provided with a pill or capsule. You have to swallow it and it will start functioning in your body.

IV Sedation

it is the deepest form of dental sedation. In this case, you will be injected with an anesthetic drug for the sedation process.

End of Process

After dental work, the sedation process will also end. You will feel drowsy for a few hours due to anesthesia. So, you don’t have to drive in such conditions. Your driver will pick you up and follow the instructions from the dentist.

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