Shaking or loosening teeth is common when you are 5 or 6 years old. You have to lose your milk teeth to replace them with permanent ones. What if one or more of your permanent teeth start loosening too? This will be a great problem for you. It simply means that you are going to lose a loose tooth permanently and will not have a natural replacement ever. Therefore you need to see your dentists as they can repair the loose tooth.

You may be wondering how dentists fix your loose tooth or what are the possible causes of a loose tooth. Don’t worry! We are here to guide you about it. Let’s start exploring the reasons behind tooth loosening and find out how to tighten a loose tooth.

Causes of Tooth Loosening

Following are some of the major reasons behind the loose tooth.

  • The most common reason is dental trauma. You can have it upon falling, sports injuries, or other accidents. When a lot of pressure is put on a specific tooth it can loosen from its place. You may observe pain as well.
  • Periodontal diseases are also one of the main reasons behind loose teeth. These diseases are associated with gums and jawbones. When you have a gum infection, the grip of flesh around teeth will loose and they will start shaking.
  • Any damage to the tissues in your mouth will also make your teeth loose. This damage indicates the number of tissues surrounding your jawbones and teeth is decreasing. As a result, your teeth will not have enough support.
  • Nutrient deficiency due to poor diet conditions will also cause tooth loosening. If you have a habit of teeth grinding, this too will affect the anchorage of your teeth to the gums and make them slack.

How do Dentists Fix a Loose Tooth?

Once you feel that your tooth is wiggling, you need to see your dentist immediately. They use the following techniques for fixing a loose tooth.


This method involves the deep cleaning of tooth roots. It is an effective method for the treatment of a loose tooth. Deep cleaning prevents several root and gum diseases and your teeth will remain in their place.

Medication or Rinses

This treatment technique is applicable for the early stages of a loose tooth. Sometimes your tooth may feel loosened due to minor issues. These issues can be cured by medication. If you are dealing with a minor injury then medication will play an important role to fix your loose tooth. Apart from proper medication, frequent mouth rinsing with a good mouthwash may also be advised by the doctor to treat your loosened teeth.


This type of treatment is used when you are having loose teeth due to gum infection. When you have a gum disorder, it will become difficult for them to hold your teeth. Surgery is performed to remove the infected part of your gums. This will prevent the spread of infection and the regeneration of new gum tissues as well. This will lead to strong anchoring of your teeth fixing the loosening problem.

Bone Graft

This is a special type of treatment to prevent teeth loosening due to bone issues. The jawbone or the bones around your teeth root may get affected due to injury, bacterial invasion, or any other disorder. As a result, your teeth will definitely not have enough support and start shaking. The bone graft technique is used by your dentist to deal with such problems. In this method recovery of bone loss due to gum disorders or other infections take place. As a result, your teeth will again get support and remain in their place.

Focusing on Other Disorders

Sometimes you may have some other disorders that are not related to your teeth or gums such as diabetes or cancer. These disorders will weaken your teeth and jawbones. As a result, your teeth will not remain in their place. Your dentists will pay heed to such disorders and recommend you to visit a relative doctor for the treatment of such disorders.

Bottom Line

Dentists will use different techniques to fix your loose tooth. The selection of technique will depend upon the causes of loose teeth and their current condition.