Fever blisters and cold sores are brought on by the presence of the herpes simplex virus type 1, or HSV-1. There are numerous causes for their flare-ups. Everything from stress to hot temperatures might induce them. However, is it possible to develop mouth sores after dental work?

Cold Sores After Dental Work

We typically imagine the dentist’s office as a sterile, secure setting for the maintenance of our oral health. Unfortunately, difficulties may arise if your dentist doesn’t take the necessary steps to safeguard their patients from HSV-1. This may result in gum sores after dental work like fillings, teeth cleaning, root canals, tooth extractions, and other dental therapies.

Going to the dentist can be extremely stressful for some people. If you are vulnerable to cold sores, you shouldn’t have to stress about an outbreak every time you need dental care. The good thing is that your dentist can take safety measures. Moreover, there are some effective over-the-counter medications for treating cold sores.

During dental treatment, there are a few different risk factors that can lead to cold sores. In this post, we’ll go through how you can cooperate with your dentist to reduce them and lessen the likelihood that dental work could cause a cold sore.

Dentists Should Exercise Antiviral Caution

Your dentist must take the necessary safety measures to protect their office and your mouth if you’re getting any dental work. Since HSV-1 is highly contagious, a dentist’s practice could become a haven for it if the proper precautions aren’t performed. You might develop multiple cold sores at once in such an unsanitary environment.

Making your dentist aware of your susceptibility to cold sores is one approach to protect yourself. You are vulnerable even if you have only experienced one flare-up in your life. Your dentist can take precautions to keep you safe during the procedure if they are aware you are at risk.

If you let the dentist know well enough before your appointment, they may write you a prescription for some antiviral drugs. Having ample time before your appointment, you can start consuming them.

At all times, everything should be spotlessly clean and antiseptic at the clinic. HSV-1 is easily transmissible from one person to another and even via objects. You may search elsewhere if you’re not sure of your dentist’s preventative procedures.

Can You Prevent Cold Sores?

Cold sores are never completely avoidable if you have the herpes simplex virus. Some virus carriers only acquire one or two of them during their lifetime. Others must take particular care since they are more likely to experience flare-ups.

In general, there are a few preventative measures you can take daily. Even though cold sores cannot be prevented, following this advice will increase your chances of preventing them.

  •       Any direct contact with a person who has cold sore symptoms should be avoided.
  •       Never give somebody your towels, razor, or eating utensils.
  •       Never share food or beverages.
  •       Wash your hands often, and maintain good hygiene.
  •       Don’t engage in stressful activities.
  •       Avoid oral trauma.

The measures are basic when it comes to having a cold sore from the dentist. Get in touch with your dentist or their assistant in advance. It doesn’t harm to take precautions even if you’ve never experienced a cold sore. Before your session, your dentist might offer you an antiviral drug. To continue fighting a virus that may be attempting to create a flare-up, they can additionally prescribe one after the appointment.

The Virulite cold sore machine is another FDA-approved item that you can use both before and after receiving dental work. Make sure your dentist is aware of your worries so that they can perform their procedure with care.

Preventing Cold Sores After Dental Work

Unfortunately, if you have the herpes simplex virus, there is no sure way to avoid cold sores. You may be able to prevent a potential cold sore outbreak, though, by taking the appropriate precautions and letting your dentist know about your worries.

Never postpone dental work out of concern for developing cold sores. Cold sores are rather typical, despite being uncomfortable and unattractive. It’s crucial to practice good dental hygiene. Taking care of your mouth has several health advantages that exceed the chance of developing a cold sore. Additionally, you may always apply a solution to the region, like HERP-B-GONE cream, to reduce the time the wound takes to heal.

Dental Treatment in Tupelo MS

To reduce the danger of cross-infection during emergency dental treatment, our dentists in Tupelo MS ask patients if they are prone to developing cold sores for the appropriate precautions. If urgent dental treatment is necessary, your cold sore will be protected with a cold sore plaster.

So, if you do develop a cold sore and have a scheduled dentist or hygienist appointment, call us or stop by our office.


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