It’s not uncommon for humans to have an accident or get injured anytime. Just small recklessness may result in severe accidents, and you get injuries. The worst result of that accident would be if you lose one or more of your teeth. Your smile, personality, and everything else are ruined when you have a missing front tooth.

Accidents and injuries are part of life. However, it never means that you have to live with missing front teeth for the rest of your life. There are plenty of dental procedures that can help you in dealing with missing teeth. However, before heading to the treatments for the missing tooth, you must know all the reasons leading to tooth loss. Let’s proceed.

Main Causes of Tooth Loss

Injury or Accident

The first cause is very obvious. It is one of the primary reasons behind tooth loss in most cases. However, there are other reasons as well behind tooth loss.

Gum Diseases

Your gums are important structures in your mouth and they hold the teeth in their place. However, when you have a gum disorder, the chance of tooth loss is very high. Infected or damaged gums start loosening their grip over teeth. As a result, you may have to lose your teeth.

Dental Extraction

When you have cracked teeth, there are chances of cavities and even decay for these teeth. Dentists check them and if the situation seems uncontrolled, they have to extract these cracked and decayed teeth to avoid the spread of cavities to adjacent teeth and you end up losing your teeth.

Poor Eating Habits

Poor eating habits are one of the leading causes of tooth loss. Sometimes, you may lose your tooth while chewing something hard. However, the most common is the spread of infections due to different sticky foods, which result in tooth loss.

Lack of Oral Hygiene

When you don’t adopt proper oral hygiene habits, you are always at risk of losing one or more teeth. Bad oral hygiene usually leads to several disorders such as plaque, cavities, and periodontal issues at once. All these things ultimately result in losing one or more of your teeth.

The Treatments

Can a missing tooth be replaced? How to cover a missing tooth? These questions must be haunting your mind after losing one or more teeth. Don’t worry! You have us. We will tell you about some top and most effective treatments for missing teeth. Let’s catch a glimpse of these treatments.


Veneers for missing teeth are the best solution to replace lost teeth. Veneers are customized covers for your missing tooth. However, they will only do a great job when the tooth is broken during an accident or injury and it still has its roots inside. Veneers get support and attachment points from these roots and you can get the best replacement for your missing tooth. Veneers are usually made of porcelain therefore often referred to as porcelain veneers as well. Furthermore, the material porcelain is tooth-colored, therefore, veneers don’t seem odd as a replacement.

Dental Bridge

Dental Bridges are one of the most popular and effective replacements for missing teeth. They will do a great job in case of missing front teeth. Dental bridges are usually made of different materials. However, porcelain or ceramic bridges are the most common. Both these materials are tooth colored and don’t feel odd in your mouth. This treatment can be performed to deal with any type of missing teeth. Dental bridges don’t have any link with the root of lost teeth. These are supported by adjacent teeth.


It is one of the leading treatments for missing teeth in the current era. These are some sort of prosthetic devices that are designed to replace missing teeth in your mouth. You can either opt for fixed or partial removable dentures. Partial removable dentures are probably the best solution for you especially when you have only a few missing teeth.

Dentures are adjusted by dentists in your mouth by using metal clasps. You can remove, repair, and replace them anytime you want as they are removable. Furthermore, these dentures are the most affordable solution to replace a missing tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants do a great job when you have lost an entire tooth including its roots as well. This treatment procedure goes well when you have to opt for dental extractions due to several reasons. Dental implants are usually artificial roots or bases for your missing teeth. They are made of metals and adjusted in your mouth in several appointments via a complete surgical process.

Once the implants get fixed in your mouth, the next process is simple and non-surgical. Dentists just have to adjust the crown on the implant to give a complete shape of the tooth.


These too are types of partial dentures. However, these don’t need a lot of support or metal scalps. They can flip in and out of your mouth. They are affordable, however, they may be uncomfortable as well. But if you are looking for a quick temporary replacement, nothing can do a better job than a flipper.

After Care Routine After Replacing Missing Teeth

You must follow a proper aftercare routine after replacing your missing teeth. The following things must be considered in the aftercare routine.

  • You have to avoid brushing and flossing for 24 to 72 hours after getting a replacement. You can use mouthwash during this time to keep your mouth and teeth disinfected.
  • You must eat soft and nutrient-rich foods so new replacements get fixed properly and become functional.
  • Never put a lot of pressure or force on the replaced teeth as they are not as strong as the natural ones and you can end up damaging them.

Final Words

Now it’s time to choose a missing tooth replacement option for your teeth. The reason for missing teeth and the current condition of the area are the key factors to consider when opting for a tooth replacement. Make sure to follow the aftercare routine after replacing missing teeth. Welcome back to the perfect smile!


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