What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is currently one of the most famous dental treatments and is a perfect replica of typical dentistry. It involves the use of alternative methods to cure most dental disorders. It has been in use for many years but has gotten attention in the past few years. People are opting for this type of treatment due to its wide use of natural products to cure disorders. Holistic dentists are usually known as natural dentists as well.

Natural medicines and remedies are the main things involved in this dentistry. A holistic and biological dentist may also mix natural medicines with conventional methods to treat a problem. However, the main thing is that other teeth also get treated during these treatments. Several other names are also used for holistic dentistry. Unconventional dentistry, natural dentistry, alternative dentistry, progressive dentistry, etc. are the most commonly used names for this dentistry.

This type of dentistry involves checking the effect of dental disorders on the whole body. Treatment of other body disorders related to the dental problem may also be processed during holistic treatment.

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

You must be thinking about why you must opt for this dentistry when other dental treatments can address your oral disorders. Let’s go through the benefits to find out why it is gaining so much popularity over the past few years.

Improvement in Overall Health

Holistic dentistry not only addresses dental issues but their impacts on the body as well. It involves the treatment of many minor issues in your whole body. Natural medicines are used that have no side impacts and help in regulating many functions of your body. All these things allow you to have better overall health after going through the process of holistic dentistry.

Customized Approach

It is something that you may never find in other dental care practices. Holistic treatments are customized for every patient. This customization is done to ensure that all patients get the best possible treatments that are suitable for their overall health as well. A customized approach helps you get rid of several unwanted medicines as well.

Immune System Optimization

When you suffer from gum infection, tooth decay, or any other dental disease, it impacts your immune system. Your body’s defense system gets weakened and other infections may invade your body. During holistic treatments, you are provided with some natural medicines that help your immune system regain its strength.

Minimum Invasion

During alternative dental care or holistic treatment, invasion of your teeth is minimized. For example, during cavity removal, it is tried to remove cavities only without damaging or removing the actual teeth. This approach leads to the minimum removal of teeth and you retain your natural teeth. The same thing is kept in mind when other treatments involving drilling take place.

Non Toxic and Biocompatible Material

The biggest benefit of getting holistic dental services is that you don’t have to get your teeth exposed to any toxic or allergic material. All the materials used for this treatment are biocompatible and have no side impacts.

The Process:

Holistic dentistry is carried out by the following process.


Holistic dental care starts with a checkup of your whole mouth. All the teeth get examined by expert dentists to find what part of your tooth gets affected or how many teeth get damaged. It is required to find the actual dental issue and then the treatment process is carried out.


Deep cleaning of your teeth is done to remove trapped food particles and bacteria from your mouth. It is also done for a more clear examination of your teeth.

Suggesting the Treatment

Once the dental issue gets identified, the next step is to suggest treatment for it. The treatment process is suggested based on the overall health of the patient. From tooth decay to cavities, almost every disorder gets treated with a holistic approach.

Selecting Materials

Suitable materials are selected for the treatment of dental problems. Only those materials are used that have no side effects on your health. After that, the treatment is carried out by conventional methods just by using these natural materials. Dentists may suggest an aftercare routine to maintain good oral health.

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