Although chewing and biting are the most common activities that dentures usually tolerate, they are still not as strong as natural teeth.

Most patients may get five to seven years out of a set of dentures, they can’t endure forever. As there is never a particular time to experience a broken denture, panicking is common when dealing with a broken denture.

Maintaining clean, well-maintained dentures is just as crucial for your oral health if you wear them as for your natural teeth. Your gums may hurt, and your mouth may experience additional issues if your dentures are broken or don’t fit properly.

With time, the plastic in your denture will weaken, making it more prone to cracking and breaking. It is true even if you follow your dentist’s instructions for cleaning and maintaining them. It is because your denture will fit more loosely as you age. After all, your mouth will alter its form.

Additionally, there is a chance that continuous stretching of the acrylic will result in the inserted artificial teeth breaking off or coming free. You can get your denture relined when it becomes loose to avoid this. Here are a few ways to repair a broken denture.

Denture Repair at Home

You shouldn’t begin to repair them by yourself if you are unsure that you are doing it correctly since you run the danger of having to spend extra money on the broken denture repair. But if you’re trying to fix it, you shouldn’t ever use glue for broken dentures to hold the parts together.

If you use glue to try to fix the damage, the glue may alter the shape of your denture since denture glues for broken dentures have potent solvents that melt the acrylic around the margins of the crack. If the adhesive melts the edges of its plate, your denture cannot be repaired, not even by a dental laboratory, to put it back in the precise form or condition it was in before it broke.

The glue that won’t melt plastic is Super Glue for dentures, but it is water-soluble, so even using it will only provide a temporary solution.

For a non-professional, it might be hard to put the pieces back together precisely in the same size and shape as before the break, which raises the possibility of sores and blisters.

Denture Repair Kit

The majority of local pharmacies sell denture emergency repair kits. Ensure the repair kit is FDA-approved and clearly labeled as appropriate for dental procedures. These kits are not intended for long-term solutions, even though many may promise to heal cracks. They only provide a kind of emergency dental treatment to you.

Is it Right to Fix a Broken Denture Yourself?

Never attempt to make your dentures or repairs yourself. If you experience problems with them, visit your dentist because they can treat many issues immediately. If you try to adjust them on your own, it may result in more damage, and you’ll need to get a new set. Your mouth could become injured if you incorrectly place the dentures.

Visit Your Dentist

The best thing to do is to bring your entire denture, including the damaged pieces, to the local dentist, who will then determine whether there is a need for an impression so that the lab that will work on your dentures can either repair or reline them. They might advise a denture replacement also.

Many dental laboratories provide same-day relining or repairs, so you might visit the dentist one day, get your dentures delivered the next day at a convenient time, and so on.

A Dental Laboratory

Of course, your dentist is the ideal option to fix them, but there’s a possibility you may save money by sending them directly to the lab yourself. Some labs have an online system where their website will offer you detailed information on how to ship them your dentures. Since they are expensive, you’ll probably need to send them by parcel post or special delivery.

A Final Word

Realizing that prevention is a crucial component of planning for and avoiding dental crises is very important. Even the best-built dentures will lose their quality over time, but with proper maintenance, they can last much longer. Instead of attempting DIY fixes that may eventually result in more costs, you can call a dentist in Tupelo to fix your broken denture.