A full set of sparkling, perfectly aligned teeth guarantee a beautiful smile. But, what happens when a tooth breaks or gets chipped? Does this only impact your smile or pose any other risks? Find out answers to these and many other questions related to broken teeth.

What causes a tooth to become cracked, chipped, or broken?

A blow to the face, accident, fistfight, and sports injury happens to be the most common causes of a broken, cracked, or chipped tooth. Apart from these, biting hard foods, such as hardy candy, nuts, and ice, can also result in fractured teeth.

What are the signs of a broken or fractured tooth?

The most commonly observed sign is the physical change in the appearance of the impacted tooth. Besides that, swelling in the cheeks, jawline, and gums also indicates that you have broken or fractured teeth.

Other symptoms include:

  • Sharp pain when eating
  • Bleeding from the base of a tooth
  • Sharp pain that alleviates on its own and comes back again
  • Experiencing Pain when drinking cold or hot beverages

When you encounter any of these symptoms, it’s recommended to visit a Tupelo tooth expert and seek dental treatment. Delaying can worsen the condition, thereby requiring you to undergo extensive treatments.

Can broken teeth be fixed?

Yes, the advancement in cosmetic dentistry has allowed dentists to fix broken teeth using different techniques and procedures.

How to fix chipped teeth?

There are different treatments available for broken or chipped teeth. Your dentist will take a closer look at the impacted teeth, analyze the severity of the condition, and then devise a treatment plan to fix the broken teeth.

For example, if just a small piece of enamel has chipped off, your dentist will most probably recommend a dental filling for broken tooth repair. In case it’s a front tooth, bonding may be suggested. If the tooth has completely broken, it may need to be replaced with a dental implant. This is an extensive procedure that will require multiple visits to the dentist.

How much does it cost to fix a broken tooth?

The cost to fix a broken tooth majorly depends on the procedure you’re opting for. Implants tend to be costly as compared to fillings and bonding since it’s an extensive procedure, as stated earlier. Furthermore, the dental clinic you’re visiting and the dentist at the service also impacts the price. Therefore, it’s recommended to get complete information on how much you will have to pay to get your broken tooth or chipped tooth repaired in advance.

Having said that, never make a compromise on the quality of services to save some money. Always trust the best dental services to get broken tooth treatment in Tupelo. And the same advice applies to other dental treatments as well.

Is broken tooth an emergency case?

Yes, it should be taken as an emergency case. Firstly, the broken tooth pain is unbearable, and in most cases, it wouldn’t go away even after you have taken painkillers. Other than that, it has the potential to cause further complications as well. Thus, seek emergency services as soon as you realize you have a broken or fractured tooth.

Always make a point to visit a dental clinic that takes emergency patients with appointments in case of a chipped tooth.