What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry deals with dental issues at all stages of life. Young children to old people can get oral treatments in this version of dentistry. As parents, when you move to any new place, the first thing you have to do is to get a family dentist. The dentist addresses the oral needs of your whole family.

This dentistry is more about treating oral issues of children. Family dentists have more experience in dealing with children and some of them are even qualified pediatricians. When you opt for children and family dentistry, you get a dental practice that is always available to you at your doorstep to prevent dental disorders.

The Benefits:

Plenty of benefits are associated with this dentistry. Let’s catch a glimpse of these benefits.

No Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety and phobia are conditions when patients, especially children, are afraid of getting dental treatments. It results in delayed or no treatments that can worsen dental disorders.

However, when you have a family dentist, you know there is no need to worry before getting treatment. Furthermore, you must have known your family dentists closely and can talk with them related to any treatment. So, you can easily opt for it.


Having family dental services is very convenient for your whole family. You don’t have to visit the dentist every time you have a minor dental issue. You can simply call your family dentists and they come to your home to address these minor issues. Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for your turn in the dental hospital. Your dentists prefer to treat you ahead of other patients.

Know Your Medical History

Family dentists have been serving your families for a long time. Therefore they can provide you with the best dental treatments. They know your medical history. If there is any genetic dental issue in your family, your dentists are aware of it. They keep on looking for its symptoms in you and address it at the very early stages to prevent any damage to your teeth.

Emergency Dental Services

Sometimes you need immediate treatments such as in case of an accident or other injuries. Family dentists provide you with real emergency services in such cases. You don’t have to confirm your appointment or any other such things. A single mobile call can do the whole job.

Preventative Care

A family dentist offers the whole family dental care. You not only get the services but preventive tips from your dentists. This preventative care prevents you from getting several serious dental disorders.

Treatments included in Family Dentistry

Different types of dental treatments are provided by your family dentists. Some of these treatments can be provided at your home and others at the clinic or hospital. Let’s see what family dentistry covers by going through the treatments provided by family dentists.

Regular Checkups and Deep Cleaning

Family dentistry includes regular dental checkups. These checkups are usually after every 3 months. Deep cleaning of your teeth also takes place during this checkup. Every type of dental health issue is examined during these checkups. Dentists give you proper treatment in case you have any dental problems. Deep cleaning is performed to keep your teeth protected from bacteria and stains.

Cavity Filling

Cavities are very common in children and even teens due to their eating habits. Family dentists look for cavities and fill them to prevent your teeth from further damage. If left unnoticed, cavities may lead to tooth decay as bacteria can damage the dentine by entering through cavities.


Orthodontics is not provided by all family dentists at your home. They only perform checkups and if you need an orthodontist, they can recommend you to the best one in the town.

Gum Diseases

Family dentists are highly experts in dealing with gum disorders as it is a common problem of almost every family. They prevent you from all types of gum disorders and keep your teeth in their place.

Some family dentists also provide cosmetic and restorative dental services as well. However, you have to visit the dental clinic to get such treatments because they cannot be provided in your home.

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