Any dental problem that needs to be addressed immediately is considered an emergency. You never want to face any sort of emergency. However, you often have to face different types of them. The most common are related to the medical field. In the medical field, dental emergencies are of prime concern. From toothache to breaking teeth, any condition can become an emergency due to unbearable pain.

Emergency dental services by a well-reputed practice are required to deal with any dental emergency. The best way to deal with any emergency situation is to gather all information about it. You must know the procedure, cost, and everything else related to emergency dental work. The most important of them is cost. Knowing the cost prevents you from spending a lot of money during emergencies.

Cost of Emergency Dental Care

Do emergency dental appointments cost more? This question must be in your mind. The best way to find the answer is to check the cost of different emergency dental works.

Emergency Dental Exam

Dental exams usually involve a checkup of your teeth and gums. You need to book your appointment for an oral exam. However, you can get it immediately as well. The cost of an emergency dental exam is around $150-200. However, if you get x-rays and some cleaning, the cost may reach up to $500.

Emergency Root Canal Treatment

This treatment is required when the soft tissues around teeth roots get infected. It results in swelling and pain. You need to get it treated immediately. The cost for the treatment of root canal infection may vary depending upon the position of the teeth. The cost of treatment for front teeth infections is around $700 to 900. Treatment of intermediate teeth, usually including incisors, cost $800 to 1000. And the treatment of infections in premolars and molars is up to $1200. The reason for this high cost is that it is difficult to treat these side teeth.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

You cannot do anything when one or more of your teeth get badly infected or decayed. It results in unbearable pain. You have to opt for dental extraction to get rid of the infected tooth and relieve pain. You need to opt for emergency extraction when your teeth cause uncontrolled pain.

The cost for emergency tooth extraction is $130 to 300 when the process doesn’t require any surgery. However, you have to pay more when the tooth is removed via surgery. The price for surgical extraction is around $250 to 600. Anesthesia price is also included in it.

Emergency Dental Filling

When your teeth have cavities or gaps, you need to opt for dental fillings. It becomes hard for you to chew anything with cavities.

Emergency cavity filling costs vary depending on the nature of the filling material. Simple resin-based composite filling cost is around $200. The cost of a silver-based filling is around $110 to 220.

Emergency Dental Crowns

Normally you need to get dental crowns after implants. However, they are also required after the treatment of decayed or broken teeth. A broken tooth can be saved using dental crowns. You need to opt for emergency dental crowns after an accident or serious injury as they can help to prevent your natural teeth and restore their functionality. Different types of crowns can be crafted and adjusted by dentists. The price for these crowns is given below.

  • The price for a single porcelain crown is around $1100 to 1300. These crowns are similar to your teeth and don’t feel odd after proper adjustment.
  • Metal crowns are more durable and usually cost more. The cost of a single crown is around $1400. They are stronger and require less maintenance.
  • You can opt for crowns made up of a mixture of metal and porcelain. These crowns are easy to craft and cost low. Their cost ranges between $1100-1150.

Note: Dental crowns cannot be crafted or fixed in a single appointment. You need to visit your dentist more than once for the perfect adjustment of crowns. These multiple visits are the main reason behind the high cost of crowns.

Final Words

Emergency dental care cost is slightly higher because you have to get them without any appointment. The cost is even higher when you get dental services after hours. We recommend you visit our clinic in any emergency condition. You can get all the aforementioned emergency dental services at our clinic under the supervision of experienced doctors.


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