What are Dentures?

Dentures are false teeth that are manufactured to replace missing teeth. Most people lost teeth due to several factors such as accidents, injuries, teeth disorders, or age. However, it is harder for them to survive without teeth. Therefore, Dentures are used to fix this problem. From a single tooth to all teeth present in your mouth can be replaced with dentures.

One can opt for either a fixed or removable partial denture to replace a missing tooth. Dentures and dental implants are usually used together. Dental implants help them to stay fixed in their place.

What are Dentures Made of?

Most materials used to make them are organic and have no harm to your health. Usually, dentures are not made of a single material only. Acrylic resins, plastic, nylon, and metals are the most common materials used to make them. Metal is used to make the base or framework. Then the resin is used to give the desired shape to dentures.

The Benefits:

Dentures have a high rank in restorative dentistry. They are in demand due to the benefits they offer. Let’s catch a glimpse of the benefits of treatment.

Perfect Smile

A missing tooth easily ruins your smile. It leads to a lack of confidence as you are too shy to smile in front of others. However, replacing the missing tooth with a denture helps you get your perfect smile back.

Support Facial Muscles

Your facial muscles are supported by teeth. When you lose some teeth, the support is reduced and your facial muscles sag. Getting them as a replacement for missing teeth provides support to facial tissues.

Protect Natural Teeth

Getting them doesn’t only provide you with false teeth but also protects your natural teeth. When you get temporary dentures, they provide support to your natural teeth.

Furthermore, the force applied for chewing and other purposes also distributes on all teeth including dentures. Therefore, natural tear and wear of teeth are also reduced.

Cost Effective

Dentures are a cost-effective treatment option to replace your missing tooth. The cost of partial dentures is very affordable. Furthermore, 50 percent of the expenses are covered by dental insurance as well making it easier for you to get them.

An Effective Option

The biggest benefit of getting them is that they are effective. The use of resin and plastic to make dentures give them a natural look as well. So, they don’t seem odd or artificial in your mouth.

The Process:

To get the aforementioned benefits of dentures, people need to get them as a replacement for their missing teeth. They have to go through the following process to get them.

Dental Examination

The process of getting the treatment will start with a dental examination. People have to visit their dentist. The dentist examines their teeth thoroughly to decide if they actually need dentures or not. They may have to go through deep cleaning of teeth and gums as well before getting them.

Making Dentures

Dentists cannot pick any size or shape of dentures and fix them in patients’ mouths. They need to check the size and shape of your missing teeth and then specialized dentures for you. Separate molds are prepared for your missing teeth and then exact dentures are formed. It reduces the problem dentists have to face when fixing dentures in patients’ mouths.

Fixing Dentures

This step is performed by a dentures specialist only. Dentures are not some sort of screw that can be fixed easily. Dentists use anesthesia first to ensure patients don’t get any pain during the fixing process. Then dentures are fixed by highly skilled dentists. Alignment of your teeth is considered as well during the fixing of dentures.

Adapting the Dentures

Doesn’t matter how natural-looking dentures are, they are not natural teeth. People have to wait for a few days to adopt them. They may not be able to eat or speak properly for the first 2 or 3 days after getting them. Later on, they adopt them and dentures just feel like their natural, regular teeth.

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