We all know how dangerous smoking could be for our health. From mouth infections to lung cancer, several disorders are associated with it. However, its impacts on oral health are usually not discussed. You don’t have any idea about what can smoking do to your teeth. Therefore, it is suggested to leave it as soon as possible.

As a smoker, it will be hard for you to stop smoking. You cannot leave it suddenly. Complete rehabilitation will be required. But you can follow some tips to maintain your dental health. Following are some of the advanced and highly effective dental tips for smokers.

Brush Regularly and Properly

No mental care routine can be started with something other than brushing. Brushing your teeth regularly will keep them healthy and clean. However, brushing twice a day will not do the job if you are not doing so appropriately. Therefore, you must brush your teeth properly as well.

You must brush both the outside and inside of your teeth to maintain good dental hygiene. You must ask your dentist as well to tell you how to clean your teeth properly. Using a good quality brush, brushing every corner of your teeth, and cleaning your tongue are the main things to consider for properly cleaning your teeth.

Using Appropriate Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth with any available toothpaste is far better than not brushing them at all. However, if you are a smoker then you must choose a toothpaste that is specific for smokers. Such toothpaste has active components to deal with nicotine and tobacco stains on teeth. These kinds of toothpaste will remove any stains from your teeth and make them look white and clean. Keep in mind that your selected toothpaste must have fluoride in it. Fluoride will protect your gums from smoking born disorders.

Using Mouthwash

Smoking will not only cause stains on your teeth but also cause your mouth to smell bad. Therefore, you need to use mouthwash as well. Mouthwash will not only reach and clean every corner of your mouth but also make you feel fresh. Your breath becomes fresh and your mouth doesn’t smell bad.

Furthermore, mouthwash has specific components that can kill harmful bacteria or other microorganisms, you inhale with the smoke of cigarettes or tobacco. You can ask your dentist to recommend a suitable mouthwash for you that must be antibacterial and able to clean tobacco stains from your teeth.

Regular Dental Checkup

Seeing your dentist regularly is the key to maintaining good oral health. You must see your dentist after regular intervals even if you are not feeling any serious issues with your teeth. Visiting your dentist is the key to maintaining good oral hygiene. If you are a smoker, your appointments with the dentist must be more often than the normal routine. Your teeth can face serious issues due to smoking which you cannot recognize at the beginning.

When you visit your dentists continuously, you will realize how bad is smoking for your teeth. During each appointment, the dentists perform a complete checkup of your teeth. You can also ask them for a dental cleaning to remove any stains from your teeth. Furthermore, you can get mouth cancer due to smoking. However, it can be controlled if recognized at early stages. Your dentists can get a clue about it during regular checkups and you can opt for the proper treatment of it.

Preventive Measures and Home Remedies

Following are some of the preventive measures and home remedies for smokers to maintain good oral health.

  • The first thing you have to do is to start avoiding smoking. We know it will be difficult at the start but you can get rid of it with a little determination.
  • You must stop eating or drinking food or beverages which are dark-colored and can leave stains on your teeth. Tobacco stains get mixed with these shades and it becomes hard for you to clean them.
  • Some home remedies such as cleaning your teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will do an excellent job.

Final Words

You can have clean teeth and a beautiful smile even as a smoker as well. Make sure to follow the above tips to maintain good oral health. However, you need to avoid smoking to get permanent healthy teeth.