Have you ever had a dream in which your teeth were falling out? You can determine how realistic this situation is through our oral fitness assessment. When patients have received a history of dental treatment yet do not profit from having good dental health, this is dentistry’s sad story. Therefore, to avoid such sad stories, we offer a smile fitness program that is created via careful examination and assessment of leading factors and will guarantee to strengthen the teeth and provide long-term dental health. Our dentists will first perform a dental examination and then advise you on the best course of action to ensure teeth fitness.

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Importance of Dental Fitness

Dental fitness is essential because it helps keep your tooth health in a good state and makes teeth stronger. Consulting dental services and following dental tips can help to cure teeth pain and access the different available gum disease treatments.

Appropriate teeth care not only has long-term advantages for your dental health but also enhances your general quality of life. At our dental fitness clinic, you can enjoy several treatments, including tooth decay treatment, Routing cleaning, Periodontal cleaning, and treatment for TMJ, with incredible outcomes at affordable rates.

Treatment for Gum Disease

You might suffer changes in your bite, foul breath, loose or shifting teeth, bleeding when brushing or flossing, and loose or shifting teeth. These are all periodontal disease symptoms. Bacterial plaque causes periodontal disease, an infection of the gums that deteriorates dental health and destroys the bone that supports your teeth.

Our dental services in Tupelo include extensive treatments to eliminate plaque and cure gum disease for tooth repair and maintaining your oral health.

Following are the major aspects of our dental treatments:

Preventive Therapy

Diagnostic testing is the initial step, and gum disease can be recognized quite early on in its development. Following the diagnosis, our dentists will suggest particular treatments and hygiene practices aid in your recovery.

We frequently start by focusing on the simple treatments that can significantly improve the condition of your mouth by creating a healthy environment right away.

Root Planing and Scaling

If your gum pockets around the tooth get deeper than usual due to gum disease, the toothbrush and floss won’t even reach to remove the microbes and dirt, often intensifying the disease. In such a case, our dentist will advise you to undergo scaling and root planning.

Our dentist will use specialist tools and medications to assist the area recovery, cleanse the roots and below-the-gum-line teeth, and remove germs, toxins, and damaged tissue to promote the body’s natural healing process.

Surgical Treatment

In order to assist in restoring health to areas severely damaged by gum disease, surgery is another helpful approach. We regard gum surgery as a possible alternative to provide access to clean root surfaces that would not otherwise be accessible, eliminate damaged or infected tissues, and rearrange tissues to enhance teeth health.

Dental Treatment Aftercare

After receiving professional dental care, our dentist will give you instructions for taking care of your teeth at home. You must practice proper oral hygiene practices at home.

Make an appointment to get healthy right away if your oral and gum health is a concern. Contact our dental cleaning expert Dr. Robert H. Thorton, to receive an effective service and to benefit from the best dental care.



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