Getting your teeth damaged due to a dental disorder or accident is very common nowadays. Sometimes you can get dental issues despite following a complete dental care routine. One of the most difficult things is when a part of your teeth gets broken. You need to replace it with some alternatives to regain the strength and functionality of your teeth. Dental crowns are the most common part of your teeth to get damaged. Sometimes dentists have to remove them to cure some other disorders as well such as tooth decay, etc.

However, replacing a dental crown is not that easy. You need to go through a complete surgical process and follow a tough routine to get this treatment. However, don’t worry! We are here with the best dental crown alternatives. Before you go through them, you need to find out when you need to have crowns and why you need their alternatives. Let’s proceed toward exploring all these things. 

When Do You Need Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are required when your teeth get damaged or broken. The following are the key reasons behind getting them.

  • They are used to support weak teeth. Dental crowns support them and prevent them from further damage or breaking.
  • They are also used to prevent teeth from bacterial infections. Tooth decay is the most common example of it. The Crown is removed, the decayed part is removed, and then the tooth is filled.
  • The treatment is also used when you have lost your entire teeth. These are placed over implants to give them the perfect shape of teeth.

Why Do You Need Dental Crowns Alternatives?

You must be thinking why is there any need to look for any alternative to tooth crown? Knowing the reasons why you need alternatives to crowns helps you to get the answer to your query.

Time Taking Process

Getting this treatment is a time taking process. You need to spare time from your tough schedule to get them. Doing so can be difficult for you especially when you are working in an office.


Dental crowns are pretty expensive. You have to pay a considerable amount as you need to get dental crowns in several appointments. Not everyone can afford this price especially when you can get alternatives at pretty low prices.

Teeth Molding

Getting a dental crown is not like you visit dentists and asking them to adjust a crown on your teeth. You need to get your teeth molded to make them suitable for crowns. A lot of procedures are applied and you may have to bear some pain as well. Therefore, you must opt for alternatives.

Tough Aftercare Routine

You need to follow some aftercare routine after getting dental treatments. However, some treatments such as dental crowns demand a very strict aftercare routine. You need to take care of them for at least two weeks to get them adjusted properly.

Top Alternatives to Dental Crowns:

Porcelain Onlays

It is one of the most suitable alternatives to dental crowns. Porcelain Onlays are partial crowns that usually cover the front part of your teeth. Porcelain is a strong material that gets adjusted on your teeth soon after you get them. The tooth-colored material doesn’t feel odd as well.


Porcelain veneers are the outer shell of teeth. They are made customizable for your teeth. Dentists make these shells and then place them over your severely damaged teeth. These too are made up of translucent material. Your main teeth get protected by veneer shells.

Provisional Crowns

If you are looking for a quick replacement of a dental crown, then a provisional crown is the best option for you. These crowns are prepared in the laboratory or clinic for your teeth. After that, you just have to visit your dentists and they fix it over your teeth. They are the immediate alternative for your dental crowns.

Tooth Extraction

It may look weird, but it is a widely used alternative for dental crowns. You need to get a crown when you get severely damaged or decayed. So, instead of trying to treat it with a dental crown, you can opt for its extraction. After extraction, you can use a dental bridge or artificial teeth to fill the empty space.

Bottom Line

To avoid the pain, tough aftercare routine, and surgery process you have to face when getting dental crowns, you can opt for any of the aforementioned alternatives. We suggest you get these alternatives at Robert H. Thornton as we have earned the status of offering the best dental services in Tupelo.


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