Chips and gaps between teeth or their shape are the main reason why your smile doesn’t look perfect. However, it never means that you cannot have an attractive smile. Adhesive dentistry can help you to get the perfect smile via dental bonding. Dental or cosmetic bonding is a procedure that involves the use of tooth-colored composites or resins to narrow down the gaps between teeth or change their shape.

Chipped or broken teeth can also be repaired by the same cosmetic procedure. However, only knowing dental bonding can help you to get an attractive smile is not enough. You must have some questions related to this.

Going through FAQs related to the dental bonding procedure helps in finding the answer to your questions. So, without wasting any time, let’s catch a glimpse of these FAQs.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that involves the repair of broken or chipped teeth. Bonding for gaps is also available to reduce extended gaps between your teeth and make your smile perfect. Cracks in teeth are filled by using the same procedure.

How Dental Bonding is Carried Out?

The process is not time taking. Dentists use bonding material to repair your teeth. The bonding material is taken and applied to teeth. Then it is shaped by your dentist to match the structure of your teeth so they don’t feel odd during smiling and chewing.

After that, the bonding material is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. These radiations harden the bonding material and make it attach to teeth.

How Long Does Bonding a Tooth Take?

Tooth bonding does not take so long. A single tooth can be bonded in a single appointment. 30 to 60 minutes are enough for bonding a single tooth. However, in case you need to get several teeth bonded then you have to visit your dentists several times. Dentists suggest bonding a single or two teeth at a time. So, for bonding more teeth, you need to book further appointments.

What Material is used for Dental Bonding?

Resins or composites are most commonly used for dental bonding. Sometimes porcelain is also used for dental bonding for chipped tooth treatment as it is translucent and doesn’t feel odd. Composite resins are a widely used material as they are tooth-colored and strong.

Why is Dental Bonding So Popular?

Compared to other treatments, this is pretty simple and less time taking. No surgical process is involved in this type of treatment. You can opt for it even during work as it takes only 30 to 60 minutes for bonding one tooth.

Is Tooth Bonding Safe?

Tooth bonding is a totally safe procedure with almost zero risks related to it. The only thing that can be harmful is exposure to UV radiation during the treatment process. However, highly experienced dentists nullify this factor as well because they cover the remaining parts of your mouth and only bonding material is exposed to ultraviolet rays.

How Long After Tooth Bonding Can I Eat?

You don’t have to wait so long after the dental bonding procedure to start eating normally. You can eat anything soon after your appointment. However, it is suggested that you should not eat hard or chewy food for at least 24 hours as it may damage the bonding material and tear it away.

How to Whiten Tooth Bonding?

Tooth bonding can be whitened using the same techniques as for teeth. Opting for teeth and dental bonding whitening is the best way to whiten your teeth and bonding at the same time. However, if there are deep stains that are hard to remove then you have to visit your dentist. You can ask your dentist to remove the previous bonding and add a new one. Make sure that you get your teeth whitened before getting new composite bonding. This is to ensure that new bonding matches the color of your whitened teeth and doesn’t look visible.

What’s the Aftercare Routine for Dental Bonding?

You don’t have to follow any specific aftercare routine after getting the treatment. Regular dental care habits must be adopted such as brushing and flossing your teeth. Similarly, you need to visit your dentist after every 4 to 6 months as well to make sure you don’t get any serious dental issues.

Is Dental Bonding Procedure Painful?

It is a cosmetic process and is completely painless. Dentists don’t even administer anesthesia or pain relief medicines before the treatment. The whole process is completed within one hour and you don’t observe any pain during or after the procedure.

What to Expect After The Treatment?

After dental bonding, you may feel odd for a few hours just because of the new shape of your teeth. Similarly, teeth gap filling may also feel odd for the initial few hours because you were having expanded gaps for a long time. Apart from that, you can also observe some sensitivity to cold and warm things. This may be due to damaged enamel or exposure to UV rays. Dentists suggest counter-pain medicines in such conditions.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Dental bonding normally lasts for more than 8 years. However, it can last for 16 years or even more, depending upon a few factors. Firstly you need to take care of your teeth and bonding. Regularly cleaning your teeth by brushing and flossing is the key factor to increase the longevity of cosmetic bonding. Areas of mouth bonded also impact the durability of bonding. Front binding usually doesn’t last for so long due to less area and high activity.

On the other hand, side tooth bonding lasts longer as there is enough space for their attachment.

Bottom Line

We believe all your queries must have been cleared after going through the aforementioned FAQs. Now you just need to visit our dental clinic to get the best dental bonding services. You can contact us to clear up any confusion or to get answers to any of your questions. Get ready to have an attractive and perfect smile!


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