What is Dental Decay?

Dental Decay is the process that adversely affects the health and structure of dentin or the tooth’s enamel. The enamel gets weak due to acids that oral bacteria produce. Cavities (dental caries) and holes in your teeth result from tooth decay. Infection, discomfort, and tooth loss may result from untreated tooth decay.

What causes Dental Decay?

Cavities in teeth can arise due to a variety of reasons. Usually, these processes take place:

  •       Mouth bacteria consume starchy, sugary foods and beverages (fruit, candy, bread, cereal, sodas, juice, and milk). These carbohydrates change into acids by the bacteria.
  •       Plaque formation occurs when food combines with bacteria, acid, and saliva. The sticky material covers the teeth.
  •       Plaque acids dissolve tooth enamel if you don’t brush and floss properly, leading to cavities or holes in your teeth.

The Symptoms

There are several indicators that a cavity may be developing. Additionally, there are a few warning signs that existing cavitation in teeth is expanding.


A cavity can be present if you experience persistent sensitivity after consuming hot or cold food. The dentin, the layer of hard tissue that becomes prone to destruction when the enamel on your tooth begins to erode, may also be harmed. Numerous microscopic, tiny hollow tubes are visible in dentin.

Acidic, hot, sticky, or sticky foods can excite the cells and nerves inside your tooth when there isn’t enough enamel to shield the dentin. It is what causes you to feel sensitive.


One or more of your teeth may have a persistent toothache due to a cavity. The most typical indicator of cavitation is pain. This ache occasionally comes on suddenly or gets worse when you eat. It causes pain and discomfort inside or next to your mouth. Food pressure and toothache are a sign to look for as you bite into it.


White patches on your teeth could initially be a stain. The discoloration may deepen as the deterioration of the tooth progresses.

A cavity can leave a stain that is brown, black, or white and usually shows up on the tooth’s surface.

Pitting Surface

If the white spot on your tooth, which is the beginning of a cavity, worsens, you will eventually develop a hole or pit in your tooth, which you may be able to feel when you slide your tongue over the surface of your teeth or see when you examine yourself in the mirror.

Schedule a visit with a dentist in Tupelo if you see a hole or pit in a tooth. You have tooth decay if you have this.

How to stop Dental Decay?

Dental Examination

Knowing your cavity risk level is the first step in taking charge of your oral health. The best method to find out is through a thorough dental examination. You can determine your current situation, the potential treatments you may require, and the dietary and dental hygiene modifications that may be beneficial through routine exams and discussions with your dentist.

When you are aware of your risk level, you may improve your dental health in a more targeted and efficient manner.


One of the most basic yet efficient methods of cavity prevention is brushing your teeth. Be sure to brush before going to bed and after meals. It is especially crucial to brush your teeth before bed (after your late-night snack) because leaving those bacteria on your teeth overnight might cause acid that damages enamel to grow (ultimately leading to cavities).

Using an antibacterial mouthwash also aids in removing bacteria and freshening breath.

Avoid Sugary Food

Because the dangerous sugars persist in your saliva for a long time, drinking coffee with cavity-causing additives like sugar, syrups, and cream is a problem. Drink some water along with other beverages to rinse your mouth and prevent saliva from getting overly sweet and wearing away at your teeth as a result. Use a straw when drinking coffee to help keep sugary beverages off your teeth and out of your saliva.


Try flossing as you watch TV or read a book in bed. As with brushing your teeth, you should floss as soon as possible after a meal or before bed. Because you can floss while you’re on the go, it’s simple and more practical.

A Final Word

If you have bad teeth due to dental decay and you also have all the symptoms of it then you need to get tooth decay treatment immediately. You can search for dental care in Tupelo and get your tooth decay removal services from the best dental clinic today to prevent the risk of further complications such as dental infection.