What is Bioesthetic Dentistry?

It is a subset of restorative dentistry that incorporates natural ingredients and promotes them to improve dental health. As the chewing system is the primary concern of this type of dentistry, the main focus of bioesthetic dentistry is the deletion of the flaw in your chewing mechanism and maintaining proper jaw alignment to achieve good dental health.

Dr. Robert H Thornton specializes in bioesthetic dentistry. He has years of experience, which he optimally utilizes with the aid of state-of-the-art equipment to perform a wide range of dental treatments. His goal is to ensure the best possible dental health, comfort, and aesthetics for his patients.

Signs You Must Seek a Bioesthetic Dentistry

A misaligned bite is one of the major signs that you need bioesthetic dentistry. It can result in a variety of dental issues, such as:

  • TMJ Disorders
  • Grinding one’s teeth, or bruxism
  • Worn teeth surfaces
  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Delicate teeth
  • Excessive teeth decay
  • Jaw pain

Either of these symptoms could indicate an issue with your bite as the underlying cause. Various bioesthetic dental procedures can assist in fixing the bite, giving you your perfect smile.

Treatments Based on Bioesthetic Variables

The following are the main procedures that are typically carried out while applying bioesthetic parameters:

  • Porcelain restoration
  • Simple filling
  • Bioesthetic Rejuvenation

Bioesthetic Rejuvenation:

Following the guidelines of this dentistry, bioesthetic rejuvenation is the repair of the chewing system, also known as dentition. The procedure involves the treatment of biting and bone issues.

How Does a Full Mouth Rejuvenation Function?

A Full mouth rejuvenation involves the following steps:

1. Evaluation

To examine the jaw alignment, an x-ray is conducted of the surrounding area, jaw joints, and facial bones. A specific device assesses the alignment of the face, the teeth, and the “chewing disharmony.”

2. Consultation

After the evaluation is complete, Dr. Robert H Thornton will speak with experts in the domains that are contributing to the chewing disorder. For instance, you might require an orthodontist if your teeth are significantly misaligned or crowded.

3. Stabilization

You will need to wear a MAGO (maxillary anterior guided orthotic) for two to four months in case of jaw misalignment.

4. Reshaping

After stabilizing the jaw, the biting surface is reshaped. Dental crowns, veneers, bonding, and braces are just a few restoring and aesthetic dentistry procedures required for these stages. You will receive any additional therapy if needed.

To help re-distribute the forces of chewing and adjust your bite, orthodontic procedures, dental implants, and crowns can all be employed. However, by treating the jaw first, Dr. Robert H Thornton can help you achieve a lovely and healthy smile. The best therapies for you will rely on your situation and medical history.

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